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Violin 44 Palintino Instructional barely used. Call or text 9103306 three one nine
Jackson Guldin vintage violin - Ready for restore - no major structural damage- only cosmetic scratches, dents and a few cracks that don't show light through - there is no seam separation or damage- nor has the scroll ever been damaged. Jackson Guldin handcrafted American violins in competition with German imported violins from 1915 until 1960 when the company began focusing more on producing J...
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Hi! My name is Rylee Warner and I am a daycare/preschool teacher from New York! I have numerous references, many years of experience as a babysitter and caregiver, and many completed courses. I have been babysitting for 10 yrs, and I have experience with children six weeks and up. I can provide top-notch child care for very affordable rates. My hobbies include drawing, reading, playing the viol...
SEE IT IN ACTION Go to MYERSPICKUPS.COMThe Most Versatile, Multi-Instrument, Powered Pickup The smallest all-in-one activepre pickup on the market today Complete out of the box, plug in and play All hardware included for 3 mounting options including the NEW GRIP Instantly turn your instrument into an acousticelectric instrument with VOLUME Compatible with almost any musical instrument Made in t...
These pot holders are handmade by my 9 year old who aspires to create her own business one day and is saving up money for violin lessons. Pot holders are made of cotton, not nylon (as nylon can melt). Your support is much appreciated!
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