30 Gallon tank. Lava Rocks. Timer. Light
29 gallon fish tank for sale. The tank is empty and cleaned and it was cleaned on November 3rd. You get everything pictured rocks, decor, bubblers, light, filter, etc. It does not have a stand I just had it sitting on a dresser. Asking $115. I have pictures that I can send either via email or text.
55 gallon fish tank. You will get the rocks all plants decor, filter, and any accessories that go with the tank including the stand. It has 4 gold fish, 1 pleco, 2 Cory catfish and 1 tetra in it that can go with it or I will donate them. Asking $285 The tank will need to be cleaned before its picked up which I will do. I have pictures I can send via email or text.
its used, holds water, was used for fish, but you can use it for fish, or other animals, snakes etc, has been claned with vingar, but need to be cleaned a little more, just don't have room or time, it is just an empty partially cleaned tank that will hold water, was freshwater at one point and then moved to salt and was used for that and now it is waiting for a new home