Collectible Coins and Stamps for Sale in Jacksonville, NC

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Selling 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars at 13x face value...dimes for $1.30 ea, Quarters $3.25 ea., and halves $6.50 ea. Call, text, or email at 910-548-3963. Thanx for looking! Cal
Buying collections, inheritances, hoards, and accumulations of Gold and Silver coins: dimes, quarters, and half-dollars before 1965; Silver Dollars, U. S. & Foreign gold coins; paper money, too! Call/text or email me at calscoins@1791.com with pics and/or a description of what you have. Paying market prices. Thanx! Member of the ANA, NCNA, Wilmington Coin Club, and the Jacksonville-Camp Lejeune...
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